Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

Reclaimed wood shutters are hand-crafted by Sunburst Shutters, but the color and finish is provided by Mother Nature. Reclaimed wood is harvested from older buildings, fences and other types of construction that would have otherwise been dumped in a landfill. Our reclaimed wood has spent decades outdoors in the sun, heat, rain, snow and cold in towns throughout America. This natural weathering process looks beautiful in a fully functional shutter from Sunburst Shutters.

Privacy Plus Shutter

The Privacy Plus feature is designed,engineered and patented as an innovative solution on shutters used in bedrooms,bathrooms,hotel rooms and rooms that require complete privacy with enhanced light control. The component aesthetically blocks the gaps between the louvers and stiles on both louver ends creating a completely private shutter that blocks 65% more light than tradition shutters.The Privacy Plus™ feature is the first shutter option that addresses these two important shutter improvements.

Woodland Shutters

Woodland Shutters from ShutterSMART is a patent pending, engineered Wood Composite shutter that features a durable poly material coating over a strong HDF (high density fiber) wood base. The HDF core features cross directional wood that create strong panels up to 34 inches wide. The poly coating uses our exclusive WoodTex finish that looks and feels like a painted wood without painting. The prefinished shutter components are easily cut and assembled into shutters that are environmentally friendly.

Adjustable T-Post

This innovation makes the installation of shutters requiring T-posts easier, faster, and more perfect. It eliminates the likelihood of T-Post splitting due to improperly fastened screws. Rather than having to line up the pre-drilled holes perfectly, and then fastening the screw perfectly, the adjustable T-Post utilizes an adjustment plate and two screws on top, providing on-site adjustment. This patent pending design is an installer’s dream!

Keystone option added to valance for bypass and bi-fold shutters

Decorative keystones for bypass and bi-fold track shutters are now available to add a touch of style to shutter valances. The addition of keystones also improves the strength of wide valances and covers spliced joints. A decorative keystone is automatically included with spliced valances and can also be requested on smaller sizes.

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters Finetech® Finish

Finetech® is a new low-luster finish option developed in response to current design trends to further enhances the beauty of our NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters. It is a completely new reformulation, which provides a lower gloss more complementary with the warm wood finishes used in home décor. The character is soft, warm, beautiful – a natural in any room. This low-luster sheen allows effortless coordination between NewStyle shutters and our Heritance® hardwood and Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters.